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Bring the Underwater World into Your Home

With Our Live Fish, Coral, and Aquarium Supplies

At Ultra Corals & Fish we strive to bring you the finest, rarest handpicked corals and fish from around the world. All of our corals go through rigorous inspections and disinfection before ever entering our tanks.  New corals are quarantined for at least 30 days before being introduced into our main systems. ensuring you the ultimate experience in retail coral purchases.

All of our systems are highly maintained to offer you the finest, rarest, disease and pest free corals.  As a purchaser you can be assured you will receive the healthiest live corals on the planet from around the planet.

At Ultra Corals & Fish we have the goal of providing you the customer with the utmost in satisfaction.  With the finest retail experience and with the continuing health and care of your new animals.  We will take all calls and emails on your new purchase regarding care, health, and experiences to ensure your success with your new animal.

We are not just another retail coral & fish retailer, we are Ultra Corals & Fish.

About Us

Ultra Corals & Fish is a family owned and operated retail store that sells live corals, marine fish, and aquarium supplies for reef hobbyists at our location in Bartonsville, Pennsylvania.  In additional to our retail operation, we provide full aquarium set-ups and maintenance at any location.  With our great connections to the finest wholesaler's, we are able to get our marine imports from all over the world.  We have been maintaining live marine aquariums for over 20 years.  Stop by and see all that we have to offer.  If there is something we don't have, we will try and get it for you.  We offer support for the beginner to the advanced hobbyist.